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Design for AI

Combining the power of design thinking with the limitless possibilities of Generative AI.


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AI Accelerators

AI platform and accelerators propel your journey and empower you to focus on business cases and time-to-value. 

Model Evaluation and Validation

Thorough validation of models to ensure that they meet adequate benchmarks of accuracy, safety, and security.

Prompt Engineering

Creativity and critical thinking to design prompts. Unlock instant value from powerful LLM models with well defined orchestration strategies.

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Enterprise AI Strategy

Gain deeper insights on customer preferences, drive efficiency in demand forecasting and customer support.

Deep-Tech Advisory

Technical architecture, leverage foundational capabilities: LLMs, RNNs, CNNs, and Vector Databases.

Enterprise AI Integration

Integrate data lake and warehouse platforms with bleeding-edge foundational models. Realize actionable insights from latent data sources.

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Model Development

Fine-tune Generative AI models. Using techniques such as transfer learning and hyperparameter tuning to ensure optimal model fitment.

MLOps At Scale

Streamline release cycles with continuous delivery and iterative model fine-tuning. Navigate confidently from prototype to production with a mature MLOps practice.

Personalized Product Discovery: Gen AI Powered Conversational Experiences

With the expansive options in the e-commerce space, guiding shoppers to the right product is imperative. Gen AI emerges as a valuable ally with the ability to transform product discoverability. By aligning customer preferences with precisely tailored offerings, brands not only boost the probability of conversions but also build credibility and loyalty.

Personalized Product Discovery 1
Personalized Product Discovery 2
Personalized Product Discovery 3

Turbo Charge Your Sales Associates With a Gen AI Copilot

Gen AI models are adept at analyzing the vast unstructured data generated by sales processes to uncover patterns, present actionable insights, and craft strategic blueprints. From producing on-demand information for sales associates to creating tailored marketing communication, Gen AI harnesses data-driven insights to steer sales towards optimal success. The result is a sales force that operates synergistically, leveraging the best of both human intuition and AI precision.

Effective Promotions Planning With A Generative AI Copilot

Generative AI seamlessly deciphers market trends, analyses consumer behaviour, and crafts highly personalized promotional strategies. By effortlessly optimizing product merchandizing, placements, pricing structures, and timing, Generative AI ensures that every promotion hits the bullseye. It doesn't just plan promotions but also predicts their outcomes, helping businesses make informed decisions that maximize impact and ROI.

Supply Chain Risk Management With A Gen AI Copilot

Leveraging historical data and market insights, Gen AI can forecast demand, optimize inventory, shipping, and transform the procurement process. Furthermore, it equips businesses with actionable insights enabling faster turnaround and risk mitigation strategies. The integration of Gen AI into supply chain management opens the doors to diverse applications that can streamline operations and increase revenue.

Reinvent Your Employee Experience: Employee Onboarding and Productivity With A Gen AI Copilot

A well-orchestrated onboarding experience sets the stage for engagement and productivity, translating into an elevated employee experience. Gen AI emerges as a pivotal tool by personalizing pre-boarding, reducing administrative burden, and lending comprehensive support in the crucial initial phase. It can even go the extra mile to assess skills, identify areas of improvement, and generate on-demand training support. The strategic integration of AI in onboarding can ensure a seamless transition for new employees.